Integrated Management Policy

BBC Indústria e Comércio Ltda focuses on supplying additives for special plastics and compounds in the internal and foreign markets, and counts on an integrated management policy guided by the following directives:

  •  Seeking customer satisfaction by supplying products and services that fully meet their needs and expectations, at competitive prices and according to the deadlines established, and also providing technical assistance regarding product use.
  • Meeting customer, employee, shareholder, and supplier requirements, besides regulatory body requirements and legal dispositions applicable to the business and other subscribed requirements.
  • Protecting the environment by optimizing the use of natural resources and avoiding pollution and appropriate management of liquid effluents and solid waste;
  • Provide safe and healthy conditions for your employees and others, preventing injuries and work-related to health problems;
  • Seek to eliminate hazards and reduce occupational safety and health risks;
  • Support the consultation and participation of employees;
  • Improve the Integrated Management System processes continuously, as well as the quality, environmental, health, and safety performance.


Based on the following OBJECTIVES:

  • Meeting quality, safety, health, and environment requirements;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Meeting deadlines;
  • Product use technical assistance;
  • Work incident prevention;
  • Rational use of natural resources;
  • Managing solid waste and liquid effluents;
  • Management of employee health.


“BBC Indústria e Comércio counts on a team of highly-qualified professionals and cutting-edge technology to develop its products.”